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Student Financial Grant Application Procedure.

Student Financial Grant Application Procedure.

Student financial aid applications; Initiatives have been taken to distribute special grants in the revenue budget for the fiscal year 2020-2021 among various schools, colleges, teachers and students.

Grants will be provided through the Department of Secondary and Higher Education under the Ministry of Education.

To this end, online application has started from February 1 to get money from students, educational institutions, and teachers. It will continue till March 7.

In this case, many people are facing various problems while going to apply, many people are able to register properly but are not able to submit the application form properly. The detailed process for them is described step by step.

To get the grant money, the head of the educational institution, teaching staff, or students have to apply online through the website ( You have been asked to apply online by clicking on the ‘Educational Institutions, Teachers-Employees’ and ‘Student Financial Grant Application Form’ buttons.


click here 


  • Step 1: First you have to click on the registration button. After clicking, a new page will load and you will have to register with all the information.

Step 2: In this step, click on the registration button with your mobile number and full name. The zip code will act as a password. In that case save the pin code seriously. And in case of number verification, put the pin code in the blank box.

Step 3: National Identity Card Verification

In this step, click on the verify button with your voter ID number and date of birth. If all goes well it will show your name and details.

Log in

After registering properly, log in with your used mobile number and pin code. And mentally prepare to complete the next step


Form Philip:

Student Financial Grants All information in the written form must be completed accurately and seriously


First select the department, district, police station in which you are studying. Then select the name of your educational institution. In this case, EIIN number will be automatically filled.

However, in case of selecting division, district & police station, wait 3-15 seconds for each step. Loading is often delayed due to network problems.

Then, step by step, fill in the remaining blanks correctly. Remember it is an official website, there is a 100 percent chance of being dropped if you make a mistake here.

Student Financial Grant Application Procedure
Parent’s NID & Name Philip:

Parent’s National Identity Card (NID) number must be written in English. When you start typing the parent’s NID, a temporary interface will launch just below your search bar. Take a look at the picture.

Enter the national identity card number and date of birth correctly here and wait a while by clicking on the verification option. If the information is correct, your parent’s name and NID number will be automatically flipped. Remember that it is not possible to write the name of the guardian in any way without verifying the information with NID here.

Provide attachments for physical and mental disabilities and other scholarships.

Rationality of application:

Why do you need this grant? Will it work? What are the benefits of receiving this grant?

Submission of necessary documents:

After clicking on the upload option, a new temporary interface will be launched. Select your specific file by clicking on the ‘Add File’ option there. Note that there is no need to click on any other option here. You just have to select the file from your storage.

In this case, the file must be an extension of PDF, JPG, JPEG, PNG.


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