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Digital Bangladesh Day online quiz competition

Digital Bangladesh Day online quiz competition

Take part in the Digital Bangladesh Day online quiz competition and win interesting prizes including laptops. The registration deadline is December 8, 2020, at 12 midnight.

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Digital Bangladesh Day online quiz competition

Digital Bangladesh Day online quiz competition

Rules of Competition

  1. Rules for the Digital Bangladesh Online Quiz Contest are:

  2. Test rivalry is available to everybody.

  3. Members should enroll inside the predetermined time.

  4. A contender can just partake once.

  5. Every contender should utilize the right name, address, photograph, telephone number, and email/web-based media ID, and so on

  6. All inquiries are of equivalent worth (1 point). Notwithstanding, 0.25 focuses can be deducted for each off-base answer.

  7. All inquiries MCQ. In the way.

  8. Enlisted candidates will have an aggregate of 12 minutes of rivalry time to reply in the wake of signing in and should offer whatever number right responses as would be prudent.

  9. The principal, second, third, and so on champs will be chosen from among the right respondents inside the distributed 12 minutes in the request for the greatest number of right answers.

  10. In the event that various candidates answer an equivalent number of inquiries simultaneously, a lottery will be drawn between them.

  11. The circumstance and system for granting the prize will be reported later.

  12. The entire interaction will be PC produced, there will be no manual cycle.

  13. The challenger needs to login to the site and take an interest in the test; If he embraces any content or some other strategy, he will be viewed as ineligible.

  14. The choice of the coordinator on any matter identifying with the lead and aftereffects of the opposition will be conclusive.

  15. One can take an interest in just a single gadget.

  16. People and families straightforwardly and by implication engaged with the execution of the opposition will avoid the opposition.


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